Thema: Facebook goes after YouTubers and budding filmmake
#1: 20.11.2017 - 08:34
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Facebook is taking the step to build a digital video creator - and to take on internet video heavyweight YouTube.

The social giant has launched a new section of its website, Facebook Creators to provide support, tips, tutorials and profiles of creators

Actually, the Facebook Creators app is a revamped and expanded version of Facebook Mentions - the dedicated app for celebrities and first published in 2014.

The Mentions app so what the first place Facebook introduced the ability to broadcast live streaming video. A Facebook rep called the Creators app "an evolution" of Mentions, adding that the company has a lot more to learn about.

"We've gathered feedback from creators as we've built these resources, and they're trying to make the best of it." Facebook VP of product Fidji Simo wrote in a post.

The Facebook Creator app is available starting today for Apple iOS, with an Android version coming in a few months.

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