Thema: Dual monitors w/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, Windows
#1: 05.07.2017 - 11:23
flag JoeClark avatarpicBeiträge: 178
    After trying various scenarios, it seems only duplicate display (useless to me) and extend with the tablet monitor as primary actually work, sort of. When my Dell monitor is primary, the tablet pen gets mapped to the Dell display (useless/backwards), although the mouse can access the whole desktop.
BUT I am spending all my time finding my cursor, my s/w cannot keep up with the pen in my graphics s/w, and I cannot access the XP-Pen configuration s/w, even after reinstalling per their support instructions. I seem to get a lot of spurious input from the pen and maybe from the mouse, with menus popping up, windows opening, etc. unexpectedly (my network window just opened on top of my typing just now, with me not touching the pen or the mouse).
At this point I wonder if there are known problems with dual monitors and this graphics adapter. Or something about my Dell optical mouse, or ????

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