Thema: DotA1 imparities
#1: 08.07.2017 - 10:04
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 This is a list of differences between WC3 Dota and Dota 2 that might be changes to how things worked in WC3 Dota. They do not qualify as bugs in that sense, but may or may not be intended. These include intentional differences meant to fix engine limitations, bugs or other undesirable behaviour in WC3 Dota. Each list entry represents a discussion on the intended change. if you want to provide feedback on it, participate in the linked thread.

If you notice any such changes are not yet listed, please let us know in this thread. 
Do note that some mechanics from WC3 Dota, although arising from engine limitations or bugs, are meant to be retained in Dota 2.

Differences which are confirmed as intended by a Dota2 dev are in red, and orange when confirmed by a core testeThank You!

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