Thema: Workable Mr MeeSeeks Courier
#1: 18.07.2017 - 08:22
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Due to the huge surge in popularity of Rick and Morty season 3, I think the Mr MeeSeeks courier should be made available to the dota 2 community, I remember at the time people werent sure how it would be able to be implemented but I think it is rather simple.

Mr Meeseeks in the animated show comes out of that blue cube, the blue cube is what sits at the fountain.
When given a command "Mr Meeseeks look at me" Audio and runs/flies to player, "Youre Welcome" once delievered. Once back at base he returns into the box.

When killed he can say "Existence is pain"
When revived "You gotta relax"

To prevent spam there should be A 15 second delay for any audio files to play.

The only potentially unfair advantage I can see anyone having would be the audio files informing of courier updates but I dont think this is too different or beneficial to anyone above the normal cues. 
You cant kill a courier in the fountain anyway so the box is a non-factor and he can only return to his box 'pop in and out of existence' when in the fountain, not the moment he delivers the item.

Hope you enjoyed and would love to see/purchase the Mr Meeseeks courier, It will be the only courier I would pay a significant amount of money for.

Thank you


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