Thema: Match data not found bug?
#1: 19.07.2017 - 12:25
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So here it goes there is a bug that when try to view a match from tab Watch/replays ingame, It always give me the "Match data not found" error. Every game IDs, even new or old or even downloaded on my PC, gives same error. 

But when I tried another account, I could download just fine, even with the game IDs that gave errors on my main account. But after 1 day, the error got into my new account, so no replays could be watched.

And I made new account, and this time, It straight up give me "Match data not found". And so on with my other 5 accounts (not newly made).

I contacted Support and they seem to not be aware of this bug, and not so much helpful.
1 of my colleagues run into the same problem while others can download just fine.

We really need help, please fix this asap.


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