Thema: I have a Dota 2 Steam invite for trade, anyone int
#1: 19.07.2017 - 12:32
flag JoeClark avatarpicBeiträge: 178

Hi I received another dota 2 invite, and I already gave all others that I had away to friends, so I am left with one spare one. I am willing to trade the key + I have couple other games (got a bunch of keys from AMD with my graphic card) that I am willing to trade. (Deus Ex, Dirt Showdown, Nexuiz, Renegate Ops, and about 6 others) I am mainly looking for Assassins Creed 3 on Steam, and Don't mind offering 2 or 3 other games for it, since I don't use them. Please reply with your email if your interested, or pm me.



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