Thema: How to live forever
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Humans have wanted to live forever for as long as we've lived at all. It's an obsession that stretches back so far that it feels like it's somehow hard-coded into our DNA. Over the years, immortality (to a greater or lesser extent) has been promoted by everyone from religions and cults to the cosmetics industry, big tech companies and questionable food blogs.

It's also a staple of fiction, all the way back to the earliest surviving great work of literature. The epic of Gilgamesh, carved onto stone tablets in 2100 BC, depicts its titular kingshunting for the secret of eternal life, which he finds in a plant that lives at the bottom of the sea. He collects the plant by roping stones to his feet, but then a snake steals it while having a pre-immortality bath. Gilgamesh has a little cry, then give up.

The reason why we are is the subject of the major scientific debate, but it is basically the result of our lives. By slowing this damage - first by making tools, then controlling fire, inventing writing, trade, agriculture, logic, the scientific method, the industrial revolution, democracy and so on, we have managed to massively increase human life expectancy.

There is a common misconception. We do not. We just need to increase the rate at which our lifespans are lengthening. Human lifespan has been lengthening at a constant rate of about two years per decade for the last 200 years. If we are able to do this, then we will be able to do it in the future. "Aubrey de Gray calls" longevity escape velocity "- the point we become immortal.




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