Thema: So what is WoD offering to 'bring people back' to
#1: 24.08.2017 - 16:49
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Every expansion since wrath and the leak began, blizzard has tried to market the game as having something that will bring players back to the game who have left it behind. With cata is was revamping the old world and new races. With mists is was a new class, race and lands.

But looking at WoD, to me, they aren't even trying this time to make that. Ok yes, they are making this offer of everyone getting 1 free lv90 boost for a character, thats there gimmick, and updated models to old races.. but really, does anyone really believe this will be enough? 
WoD will still be the same game despite these gimmicks, its still leveling in same way, still dungeoning the same way, still raiding the same way, still pvping the same way, and the features they are giving us, its something other games have already done, and doesn't offer much in terms of new and innovative ideas to wows genre.

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