Thema: My chrons has been very painful recently
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I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with chrons about 3 years ago, my doctor prescribed me 750mg of pentasa twice a day. I was taking my medicine but about 6 months ago I kind of stopped. I didn't feel any worse or better than when I did take my medicine so I just went on with it. I've been taking my medicine for 2 weeks and have been feeling immense pain for a few days. The pain worsens when I get up and walk around for a bit, but if keep walking it usually calms down, and if I sit for a while it also calms down. I should probably go in for a check up with my GI to be sure as I haven't for a few months. I have been hospitalized before for a cyst and was wondering what you thought about this. Is it just some pains due to re introducing myself back to the medicine? Could it be another cyst or maybe it didn't heal up properly? If you wouldn't mind to give me your thoughts on what you think it could be

please help!
thank you!

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