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I mentioned the first batch of samples arrived. No machine yet but I thought I might as well start a thread on the comparisons between the Nespresso system and the Lavazza.

Initially, the nod goes to Nespresso for the variety of selections available. Nespresso has sixteen different standard capsules while Lavazza has only eight. Lavazza though has a higher percentage of 100% Arabica selections than Nespresso, five of the eight selection being 100% Arabica. The Lavazza capsule is a plastic while the Nespresso is aluminum. The Lavazza capsule is closer in size and shape to a K-cup than the Nespresso capsule.

As expected, the most intense capsule is a blend with 60% Robusta beans.

Based solely on the ratings so far, the most intense is Ricco, a dark roasted mixture of 40% Brazilian and Central American Arabica beans with 60% Asian Robusta. Espresso Intenso is similar but uses Indonesian Robusto while the least intense is Amabile. 

Of the 100% Arabica selections, the most intense is Crema Dolce, rated the same intensity as the Intenso. Tierra is rated the same intensity as the Amabile as is the 100% Arabica Espresso Decaffeinato. The two mildest ranked selections are the Soave which is another decaf and the Delicato.

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