Thema: Sticky Mucus in throat is killing me slowly!!
#1: 28.09.2017 - 14:45
flag Rayancaleb avatarpicBeiträge: 70
Sorry, my english is not good, but I do my best!

I have a range of destructive symptoms that have ruined my life! I´ve done numbers of tests, but no physicians have been able to find the cause! So I kindly ask if anyone have any familiarity with the complaints I have!

For the last 20 months I've been suffering from thick, sticky mucus constantly clogging in my throat. There is a reason for my throat! I have to cough up, (not a typical throat clearing), draw in the air with pressure all the time in order to empty the sticky mucus clogging the throat! I have a lot of experience, but I am a very good man. This is a very nice place to stay. At some very seldom moments / time of the time, the irritations in my throat and the mucus production may stop! But this only happens when I`m lying in some spesific positions! Immediately I have a small movement in bed, the irritation and mucus production is back! I can sleep because of unstable breathing. The last 4-5 months I've experienced abdominal pain, a child of crampy pain by lower left and right side of abdomen, mostly on the right side. When is the abdominal pain? 
I did not find the right solution from the internet.
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