Thema: odd feeling in my neck and feeling tired
#1: 28.09.2017 - 14:46
flag Rayancaleb avatarpicBeiträge: 70
okay so starting 3 days ago at night, my neck started t feel odd and I could tell that it wasn't just muscle or tendant pain because it felt different. It wasn't painful but it didn't feel normal. two days after my arms stared to feel poorly circulated at times but that feeling has now passed. The neck thing doesn't feel as prominent today as it did yesterday, but today and last night I started to notice that I had trouble sometimes not all the time, taking huge big full breaths (similar to an asthma feeling) but normal breathing is still completely fine. (I should point out I had asthma when I was little so I know the feeling but I can tell this isn't just that) I also felt more tired than I usually do physically. After the day I just felt like sitting or lying down. And I've also felt more tired in the morning even after lots of sleep. yes I do stay up very late I am 15. but I still get enough sleep by just sleeping in more. 
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