Thema: Digital Video Recorder playback software being blo
#1: 13.10.2017 - 10:38
flag Rayancaleb avatarpicBeiträge: 70
Hello reader. I work in the tech department of a small company that sells recording equipment for vehicles.
We have started selling a range of digital video recording (DVR) units and are having a huge problem with the viewing software.

The software is called CMSV6 and is a generally universal viewing tool for DVRs.
I have tested this software on 3 laptops and 3 desktop PCs and it only works on one - a dual core 2.4ghz, 32bit win7 sp1, 4gb ram. I have been assured from the developers that the program is compatible with every (non server) version of Windows from XP and onwards.

The other machines are running Windows XP, 8.1 and 10.

On the latter machines The program loads fine but when you chose the directory of the footage you want to view, the program simply does not find anything.
It's almost like the program is being blocked or there is a small *something* missing from all the other computers.


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