Thema: Slideshow/Presentation software
#1: 13.10.2017 - 10:38
flag Rayancaleb avatarpicBeiträge: 70
Hi guys, I'm looking for software that is
- compatible with Logitech R800 presentation controler,
- able to show 4K photos,
- able play 4K video files without showing its' timeline,
- that I can turn off option of automatic slideshow so I can control it with pilot,
I tried a few softwares, ACDsee - and this one does work pretty well but slides are going automatically and I can choose only between 1 to 30 sec. Another software is Prezi but this one I'm no sure if videos work the way I wont, and portable version is quite expensive...
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 had problems with resolution, 4K photos were about HD in Cinema. Does anyone know if powerpoint 2016 is able to show videos without timeline and photos in full resolution ?
Please let me know if you know anything about any other good software and if PP 2016 does what I need.


I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

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