erstellt von Skully am 21.06.2017 um 15:01

Liquid.MinDControL: mein klares Ziel ist es, das TI zu gewinnen

I think even if we don't get invited, it's still fine. We're pretty confident to play in the qualifiers. We're ready for that and don't expect to be invited. [...] I think we went there as a favourite. One of the top two I guess, OG and Liquid, we were the best teams going there. But then at TI we choked, especially me. It was my first TI and I wasn't ready at all for this tournament so I played very bad the whole tournament. [...] I choked. I think if I did my job we probably would have made top 3. That's how I feel about it anyway. [...] Bulba tried to lead the team a lot, but we already had a leader so... you can't have two leaders in a team and that's what happened. YOu can't have two leaders - it's impossible like that.

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