erstellt von Skully am 15.08.2017 um 15:35

OpenAI's Bot im Härtetest: Das 1v1 mit den Champions

If you weren't awake last night you might have missed a Bot's appearance on the main stage. He only took down Dendi in a Shadow Fiend 1v1 Mid match, no biggy. [...]

The video was shared by OpenAI's founder Elon Musk, the billionaire who is also the brains behind Tesla and SpaceX. During Day 5 of TI7 there was a "special match" after the first series, in which Dendi was secretly unveiled on stage to compete in a 1v1 match. 

His opponent however, was not human but was instead a bot programmed by OpenAI. During the announcement video seen in KeyArena several players such as Arteezy, Sumail and Pajkatt tried their hand against the bot.

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