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Community saves DreamHack participation of We haz Asian

imageThe DreamHack Winter participation of the former H2k Gaming team is saved. We haz Asian, the team which left their new organisation H2k Gaming after only 72 hours, will be able to participate the swedish Lan-Event in Jönköping because of the great support of the Dota 2-community. "There are a surprising number of people from the community who want to help. So we got an apartment of a community member made available, which is located in Sweden, precisely in Jönköping, 10 minutes away by car from the halls. Danes get a ride. Thus, the costs are really very low", We haz Asian Team-Manager Peter 'pedda' Kolaska told

Lineup We haz Asian
de Philipp 'RMC' Pausewang 
de David 'Crydasia' Landmesser
dk Jonathan 'unicornxoxo' Arge 
dk Lauge 'hiphopNOTpop' Feiring 
dk Andreas Franck 'Cr1t-' Nielsen

The statement was translated into english.
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