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Matt 'Warden' Dickens will participate in ESEA League 13

imageThe CS:GO community has made a decision: Counter-Strike legend Matt 'Warden' Dickens and his new team Building Blocks will participate in the 13th season of the ESEA League. While eleven teams were invited directly, Wardens team had to win in a voting against three other teams from North America. Twelve teams from North America and twelve from Europe will now compete in the ESEA League for a total prize money of $35,000.

Lineup Building Blocks

Flagge Vince 'coolfool888' Alvarez
Flagge Andrew 'Glockateer' Cook
Flagge 'heyitswade'
Flagge 'octi-i-'
Flagge Matt 'Warden' Dickens
Flagge Zack 'zhyke-i-' J.

Participants of the North American ESEA League
Flagge Area 51 Gaming
Flagge Team Dynamic
Flagge Dont Trust Anyone
Flagge Team Curse
Flagge We Are GO Players
Flagge FrostGaming GO
Flagge mouseSpazGO
Flagge Corporate Gamers NA
Flagge MonoManiac e-Sports
Flagge Sex Pistols Reloaded
Flagge Junks Money Crew
Flagge Building Blocks
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