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ClouD will leave Germany, ALTERNATE and the EPS

imageThe Italian Terran player Carlo 'ClouD' Giannacco recently announced that he will leave Germany to live in his home country Italy again. ClouD came to Germany in 2010 to participate in the German ESL Pro Series for his former team MeetYourMakers. He used to live together with Johan 'NaNiwa' Lucchesi at the beginning of his time in Germany till the Swedish Protoss got kicked out of the EPS. Living alone in a different country was sometimes hard for the 25-year old, ClouD told in an interview some months ago. Beside of his step back to Italy more changes will happen in the life of the Terran player as he announced to leave Team ALTERNATE and that he is already looking for a new team. Without living in Germany he also won't be able to participate in another season of the German ESL Pro Series as this is required for any player who wants to play in the EPS.


Photo: ESL
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