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Delphi and KnowMe join nexmultigaming

imageFormer Team ALTERNATE player Lukas 'Delphi' Hilgers and Steffen 'KnowMe' Fritzemeier, who used to be teamless for quite a while, have found a new organization in the new SC2 team of Sponsor of the German team is, which StarCraft 2 fans could know from events like the last HomeStory Cup, which was sponsored by Zergplayer Lukas 'Delphi' Hilgers joined Team ALTERNATE in June 2011 and was a part of the team till early 2013 when he left the team shortly after Carlo 'ClouD' Giannacco. For the moment the new organization can only be found on facebook.

Lineup nexmultigaming

FlaggeIcon Lukas 'Delphi' Hilgers
FlaggeIcon Steffen 'KnowMe' Fritzemeier

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