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TCM Gaming signs former mousesports duo

imageThe former mousesports players Hendrik 'strux1' Goetzendorff and Dimitrios 'stavros' Smoilis and their new team "/10/" have finally found a home in the British organization TCM Gaming. Team Captain strux1 informed his fans on Wednesday about an offer the team received some days ago and that they are "currently looking into the contracts". Today it has become official that the team will attend several events under the banner of TCM Gaming in the future, while Esports Heaven Vienna will be the first tournament the team attends for their new organization.

Statement Hendrik 'strux1' Goetzendorff
I am glad to present you our new home, TCM-Gaming. We have been looking for an organisation around three weeks and we have finally decided that TCM is the best offer for us for the future. TCM will give us the support we need and make it possible for you to watch us playing in upcoming european offline and online events.
We all hope its going to be a nice and long term relationship. We want to thank all of the sponsors BenQ, CoolerMaster, CMStorm, CCL, Hauppauge, Multiplay and the management for giving us this big opportunity.

Lineup TCM Gaming
Flagge Hendrik 'strux1' Goetzendorff
Flagge Dimitrios 'stavros' Smoilis
Flagge Anil 'cLy' Gülec
Flagge Florian 'fl0w' Sos
Flagge Robert 'TORNADOTONI' Radosevic

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