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Participants of the ESEA Finals in Dallas

imageAfter a thrilling first regular season of the ESEA Invite Division in CS:GO, eight teams have been determined to participate in the grand final in Dallas to fight out a prize money of $17.500. The european division was dominated by Ninjas in Pyjamas who pulled out a 16:0 record and managed to win every single game in the regular season. The first place in the North American group went to Quantic Gaming, followed up by Curse.NA. The ultimate clash of the best European and North American teams will take place from April 19th (starting at 6:30 pm) to 21st in Dallas.

Flagge Ninjas in Pyjamas (16-0)
Flagge VeryGames (13-3)
Flagge (10-6)
Flagge n!faculty (10-6)

North America
Flagge Quantic Gaming (14-2)
Flagge Curse Gaming (14-2)
Flagge Team Dynamic (13-3)
Flagge Netcode Illuminati (10-6)
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