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Cheating: Epsilon kicked from RaidCall EMS One

imageAfter a clear 16:12 and 16:5 win over n!faculty in the first EMS One cup and another decent 2nd place behind Ninjas in Pyjamas in the second cup, the Swedish team Epsilon e-Sports led the table of the RaidCall EMS One qualification. There was divided opinion whether the team could be a serious opponent for NiP in the fight for the EMS One crown, or if some of the players may use unauthorized tools. Today rumours have been confirmed and former Epsilon member Jerry 'xelos' Råberg, who played for Epsilon in the first two qualification cups, has been suspended for cheating. His former team Epsilon e-Sports will be removed from the EMS One and n!faculty will get the belated win and 25 additional points for the first cup. With this decision being made, NiP is the new leader of the EMS One qualification.

Statement Lari Syrota (Product Manager EMS One)
After Epsilon defeated n!faculty in the grand final of CS:GO Cup #1, the latter team filed a protest. Being aware of our responsibility, we made sure to handle this case with utmost care and diligence. And yet, after careful consideration, our anti-cheat team unanimously came to the conclusion that the Epsilon player Jerry 'xelos' Råberg cheated in said match. "The consequences are clear: The player in question is banned from all ESL competitions for the following two years and Epsilon eSports is disqualified from the RaidCall EMS One Spring 2013. We subsequently declare n!faculty the winner of Cup #1, redistributing the 2000$ prize money of both cups to the remaining three teams. "We take cheating issues very seriously here at the ESL, since we are aware that ensuring a fair competitive environment is the necessary fundament for successful and exciting online tournaments. Gladly, we do not only possess advanced anti-cheat technology, but also an anti-cheat admin crew with multiple years of experience and the necessary confidence to take on such cases. We will always try our best to prohibit players from taking any sort of unfair advantage.
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