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TLO: The problem with MC is his unpredictable gameplay Dario, you just managed to pass the second group stage. You were celebrated down here at the Limericks and you had a nice welcome. You’re surely used to that already, but is it something special to you, if fans from your own country celebrate you like this, after you won a match?  
Dario  'TLO' Wünsch: To me, it's actually the same. It makes me happy to earn credits from anyone who is an enthusiastic fan of StarCraft 2 and have them cheering for me. It's also nice to see that more and more people are watching StarCraft 2 games and I expect Germany to become a more important location, concerning such events. This makes me really happy.
How did the games turn out in general? The match against MC ended pretty close, as he put you quite under pressure at the end of the match. How did you see this from your point of view?
Well, the problem with MC is his unpredictable gameplay. I think this was also the reason, that he won the second map and he used a very strange build order as well. I was confident though, because I'm in a good condition right now and MC isn't the MC he used to be two years ago. 

Is there a certain player you would like to face during the play-offs or maybe someone you’d like to avoid?
I don't care, as long as they are not from Liquid. 

Does the race matter?
No. If I start to think about players I'd like to play against or players I'd like to avoid, it would be in my head and play with my mind. So it's the best to simply enter the tournament blindly and don't think too much about this.

It's well known that you are one of the players, who practice very hard. Do you think this is the reason why your results continually became better and your long time of practice finally pays off? What's your opinion about this and what do you think is the reason of your success?
First of all my hands aren't causing trouble anymore, as they are fully recovered from injuries of the past and...well yes, the practice. Guess there’s no other explanation. Also I'm in a much better condition concerning my mindset. I used to become very nervous and felt a high pressure before matches. Nowadays i'm much more relaxed. 

At the end, we have a question from the community. This time the question is asked from the reddit-user 'notmadatall': 'Would you rather like to win a big tournament without earning any prize money at all or would you like to not win but earn the prize money instead?'
I think I’d like to win the big tournament, instead of the money. Especially at such big events like DreamHack and MLG. The feeling to be at the top and also to have the self esteem to win such a big tournament is worth so much more than any money. The publicity I’d gain afterwards will make money as well and so it's much smarter to win the big tournament. (laughs).

Thank you Dario, that you took the time for this interview and we don't want to keep you from drinking your well deserverd beer to celebrate your victory. Do you have any last words to your fans or someone else?
Yes! Thank you for supporting me back in the days when things didn't work out so well and I hope to make it into the round of 4 finally, -and not being stuck in the round of 8-, but we will see. I'm sure we’ll make it real somehow.

Thank you for the interview.

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