StarCraft 2 Recap 2012: January - April

Headlines:  January 1st - January 31st

 HomeStoryCup IV - Group preview

 KawaiiRice about Fnatic departure and his new team

 Snute: "Maybe I'll inspire others"

 Alex Mueller: "It feels right [to have MC at SK]"

 StarCraft-Song: Temp0 - Without MULEs

 Alternate's ClouD: "I still hate the game"

 WhiteRa gets sponsorship by 'The Handsome Nerd'

 Ciara, CupCake, StrinterN become Copenhagen Wolves

 GreTorp: "Starcraft 1 pros won’t be nearly as strong as people think"

 StarTale and Quantic Gaming Announce Partnership

 ViOlet picked up by Team Empire

 Evil Geniuses say goodbye to Axslav, StrifeCro

 Axslav to Team Reign

 Blizzard announce 2012 WCS, BlizzCon postponed until 2013

 Destiny on Korea and 2012

 mTw sign, release SunCow in same day

 Fnatic release IefNaij and the 2v2 Squad

 Moon joins Fnatic.SC2

 Golden and Dragon depart from SlayerS

 HongUn picked up by eSahara

 HayprO returns to Korea

 Artosis becomes a father

 MC leaves oGs and joins SK full-time

 Interview with GSL Director Mr.Chae Jung Won


 IEM Kiev Interview - NaNiwa: "I'm sorry about this drama"

 Millenium announces team house and players

 MLG Winter Championship with $76,000 total prize purse

 MMA: "I was a little bit scared [by IEM crowd]"

 SjoW: "I know I can beat anyone if I put the effort into it"

 Ex-SlayerS Zerg Sleep signs with CheckSix

 BoxeR appointed playing head coach of SlayerS

Tournaments:  January 1st - January 31st

 Tournament   Prize Pool   Winner  
 Icon HomeStory Cup IV  $20,000  MC
 Icon 2012 GSL Season 1  $153,970  DongRaeGu
 Icon IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev   $21,000  MMA
 Icon AoL: The King of Kongs  $3,500  DongRaeGu
 Icon FXOpen Invitational Series - #5  $5,000  DongRaeGu

Headlines:  March 1st - March 31st 

 Dragon joins Millenium

 qxc: "I got lucky [vs. Mvp in GSTL]"

 Sundance DiGiovanni Interview

 SjoW departs Team Dignitas

 DreamHack announces DH Stockholm, Valencia and Bucharest

 Hail DongRaeGu, GSL 2012 Season 1 champion

 Fruitdealer to Coach LoL team

 Grubby: 'Everything good that happened to me I owe to WarCraft'

 DIMAGA: 'It's nice to be a Sick Nerd Baller'

 IEM WC: Kaelaris: ''It's pretty crazy"

 IEM WC: Feast: "I think I can beat MMA"

 mOOnGLaDe joins Team Invidia

 IEM WC: Strelok after FFA victory: "My win was fully gamble"

 SeleCT signs a new contract with Team Dignitas

 HuK as the only foreigner in GSL up & down groups

 MC crowned World Champion of Intel Extreme Masters

 IEM WC: Violet: "I miss my Blademaster"

 IEM: TT1: "[the noise] is something they need to work on"

 IEM WC: Apollo: "The metagame shifted to MC's favour"

 MC: 'I learned a lot about PvP in IEM Hanover'

 Ganzi and Taeja leave SlayerS

 Check retires from progaming

 mTw Dimaga "I loose only to Koreans"

 SK.MC "Thor Dance for you"

 Fnatic Opens Gaming House Korea

 Absolute Legends partners up with eSahara

 MLG WC: MarineKing defends his title, pouches $25,000

 SjoW rejoins Team Dignitas

 BitterdaM leave ESL TV

 compLexity Gaming signs GanZi

 TaeJa joins Team Liquid

 [IPL] $20,000 Team Arena Challenge 3!

Tournaments:  March 1st - March 31st

 Tournament   Prize Pool   Winner  
 Icon IEM Season VI - World Championship  $83,000  MC
 Icon 2012 MLG Winter Championship  $76,000  MarineKing
 Icon 2012 GSL Season 2   $153,620  Mvp
 Icon Lone Star Clash  $10,000  Stephano
 Icon NEO Star League  $13,166  LoveCD
 Icon IPL Tournament of Champions  $12,000  jjakji

Headlines:  April 1st - April 30th 

 ESL TV welcomes Kaelaris on board

 Blizzard announces the StarCraft II World Championship Series

 NightEnD to join the Fnatic's in Korea

 Heart of the Swarm Multiplayer Update

 Matchmaking changes have been reverted

 BoxeR forfeits his Code A match

 Major League Gaming Partners with CBS Interactive

 Flash vs Bisu in StarCraft 2. Who will win?

 Scarlett joins Eclypsia

 compLexity MVP Partnership Revised

 Dimaga: "I hope I can take revenge on HerO"

 MLG and DreamHack announce collaboration

 MeetYourMakers presents MYM.MVP

 Stephano to compete another year, announces Korea trip

 DreamHack to be broadcasted on regular Swedish television

 Metropolis removed from the ladder

 MLG Spring Arena Preview

 The lord of the North: Thorzain crowned Dreamhack Stockholm champion

 Additional Matchmaking Changes

 DongRaeGu interviewed by viOLet

 I didn’t exactly leave the team

 MLG Spring SCII Qualifiers: Full Player List and Broadcast Details

 TotalBiscuit: "SC2 is the most enjoyable and challenging thing I do"

 LG sponsors Incredible Miracle

 Blizzard, KeSPA, OGN, Gretech to announce "StarCraft 2 eSports Vision"

 PC Games in WCG 2012!

 Talking Balance with David Kim

 Announcement: The GD Studio - The Arena

Tournaments:  April 1st - April 30th

 Tournament   Prize Pool   Winner  
 Icon IGN ProLeague Season 4  $100,000  aLive
 Icon North American Star League Season 3  $100,000  Stephano
 Icon 2012 DreamHack Open - Stockholm   $22,330  ThorZaIN
 Icon The Gathering 2012  €13,375  LucifroN
 Icon Copenhagen Games Spring 2012  €6,500  Kas
 Icon 2012 MLG Spring Arena 1  $10,900  DongRaeGu
 Icon GGA Cup  $6,600  HyuN