CPLAY’|Rejin: Sind zufrieden mit dem 4. Platz auf der NorthCon

18.12.2012 16:35

Hello Allan. Fresh off from a 4th place at NorthCon 2012. How was the overall event for you?  You must be rather satisfied?
Allan ‘Rejin’ Petersen: If we don’t talk about the delays, the event was great! We didn’t suffer as much as other teams did due to the delay so enough talk about that ! We are very satisfied with our 4’th place. But at the same time we drive for 1st place, so we will take a look on what we did wrong and what we did good here in the Christmas.

The outspoken delays seem to have affected quite a few people and teams.  Do you think some teams would have placed differently if it wasn’t for the delays?
Nah actually not, the teams that were affected played each other, and like xlo said in a interview, it is those who can keep their head together there will win. We were only affected in the delay when we had to play the 3’rd place. of course i had hoped for some better results for my Danish brothers! Its a shame they didn’t get through!


Michael Decker