dupreeh: Ich fürchte Na`Vi nicht

26.01.2017 14:54


A very straight-forward game against Liquid, talk to me about the match-up, how you expected it to go and how it went in the end.
Might as well just be honest, when we got Liquid in the draw, most of us were like “yes, that’s the opponent we wanted”, because in our opinion it was the weakest opponent we could get and a team we have the best map pool against, even though we can play pretty much every map. But against Liquid we knew we’d get a map we feel very confident on no matter what.
They’ve been really shaky this tournament, it was just a great match-up for us. I expected them to put up more of a fight, it was actually fairly easy, but I don’t know, everything we did was pretty on point. We knew pretty much every time which site they were going to hit, and also individually especially Kjaerbye and device were on point. It was just great to get out of groups.


Jonas Bugaj