Dupreeh: Wir werden dieses Jahr wohl kein Turnier mehr gewinnen

29.11.2016 23:07


Vince Nairn: What are the main things you’re taking away from your performance this week?

Peter “Dupreeh” Rothmann: I think overall since we’ve added gla1ve for Karrigan, we only had like a bootcamp and a couple of days of practice to be able to actually figure out how we want to play. We’ve got a massive new amount of strategies and tactics, and people got new roles in the game, especially myself, so everyone has to adapt in that way. I can definitely take away that we’ve actually played a lot more as a team in this event than we’ve done in the previous events. It feels like for a long time it’s been about everyone having to hit their individual peak for us to be able to improve something, and this time it feels like, I wouldn’t say like, dev1ce played really well in the group stage but overall I still think everyone has been adding stuff to our success here, and obviously helping us achieve to actually go to the semifinals. So I’m happy that we played more as a team and instead of just having to rely on individual performance.