Jeff Kaplan über die Abläufe im Overwatch-Team

05.04.2017 12:32


We just need to be really careful. I think when we read feedback and hear players comment about the balance that they’d like to see, most players either man one or two heroes, or they gravitate towards a certain role. […] The trick for us is trying to approach the balance in a way where we say ‘we’ve got these 24 heroes and there’s a main out there for each player. We have to represent all those people, to make sure that they’re all fun to play and play against; that nothing dominates the balance.’ […] I think Genji is the one on the positive side. He’s the one who is a little bit broken and is more fixed. He’s found his inner peace. But Hanzo is a very broken individual. I sympathise greatly with him and I also think his gameplay is really fun. […] I am actually fascinated by Doomfist in the sense that.. we know when we walked about Sombra we did some things incorrectly. We got people excited too early and in the wrong ways, and we’ve tried to express our sincere apologies to the community on how we handled the Sombra situation. But Doomfist we’ve literally not hyped at all. The community has just decided to get themselves excited for Doomfist. Obviously, from the very first announcement, Doomfist was a character in our world. We’ve leanred more about hom now with Orisa. But we’ll leave it at that for now. The community will continue to ramp itsel fup over this character though.


Kai Engelkes