Rumours about SolEk leaving Team ALTERNATE

14.12.2012 16:09

imageAzmican ‚asmo‘ Berberoglu, member of n!faculty, said on the German livestream of the NorthCon Lan-Event, that Manuel ‚SolEk‘ Zeindler will possibly leave Team ALTERNATE. According to asmo, the 26-year-old from Switzerland won’t have enough time in the future for professional eSports. This is also the reason why Team ALTERNATE had to cancel their participation for the NorthCon in NeumĂŒnster, Germany. An official statement by Manuel Zeindler and his team is still pending.


Flagge Manuel ‚SolEk‘ Zeindler

Flagge Kevin ‚kRYSTAL‘ Amend

Flagge Felix ‚fel1x‘ Zech

Flagge Manuel ‚mnL‘ Oberlein

Flagge Christian ‚Rak‘ Hermenau-Puhlvers

Michael Decker