Xyp9x über CS:GO und seine bisherige Karriere

10.08.2013 22:48


After a rather good Northcon with COREPLAY, you joined fnatic, one of the most recognized e-sport organizations, in January. How did they approach you and how would you describe your integration in the team ?
Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth: The guys at Coreplay were amazing guys, both the players and organization. But when fnatic approached me, i couldn’t say no. I always wanted to play for fnatic, and with the players it had. I can’t really remeber the start of the fnatic period, other than we didn’t really perform very well in the start, it was actually a disaster in the start, as we lost to danish mix teams etc. But when we changed our lineup, and the day after moddi and stinger came in, we got a 1st place in one of the ems cups which was pretty unexpected.


Michael Decker