Lineup komplett – mousesports verpflichtet finnischen Star-Spieler allu

01.07.2014 19:27

imageNach dem Abgang von Timo ‚Spiidi‘ Richter war das Team von mousesports eine längere Zeit mit Christian ‚crisby‘ Schmitt als Stand-In unterwegs. Diese Übergangsphase endet mit dem heutigen Tag durch die Verpflichtung des finnischen Spielers Aleksi ‚allu‘ Jalli, der nach dem Zerfall von ENCE Esports ohne Team gewesen ist. Mit dieser Verpflichtung verstärkt sich mousesports mit dem aktuell wohl besten finnischen Counter-Strike Spieler.

Mit der Verpflichtung von allu geht mousesports den Weg eines Multi-Nationalen Teams weiter. Neben dem Serben Nikola ‚LEGIJA‘ Ninic und dem Niederländer Chris ‚chrisJ‘ de Jong, erweitert man sein Lineup nun um einen Finnen. Der Skandinavische Markt ist für mousesports kein fremdes Territorium, beherbergte man bis vor kurzen noch den Dänen cadiaN und sorgte schon zu Zeiten von CS 1.6 durch die Verpflichtung der norwegischen Legenede Ola ‚element‘ Moum für ein absolutes Novum.

Statement zum Wechsel von Aleksi ‚allu‘ Jalli:

Today is a day of mixed emotions, I am very glad to announce that from now on I will be playing for one of the biggest organisations in the world and I will do my utmost to repay the faith they have in me. This ofcourse means that I will be leaving my former team ENCE which is really sad as I have played with the same guys more or less my whole CS:GO carreer, but I think I personally needed a change and a team that has same ambitions as I do. All of my former teammates have been very understanding about my decision and I thank them and wish them the best of luck in the future! At last I would like to thank my new teammates for this opportunity and of course mousesports and their sponsors BenQ ,EpicGear & XMG. May my stay in mouz be long and succesful one!

Statement des Team-Captain Nikola ‚LEGIJA‘ Ninic:

Hey! After we’ve parted ways with Spiidi, we took ourselves quite some time to play with a few promising players to complete our roster. In the past weeks we had the opportunity to practice and play with Aleksi quite often and it turned out very well for us. We were satisfied with our performances as a team and we believe that this lineup has potential in future tournaments. We’re very happy to welcome Aleksi on board, as he has proven to be a deciding factor in his former team and we are sure he can fill in that role in mousesports, too!

Das komplette mousesports Lineup sieht nun wie folgt aus:
Flagge Aleksi ‚allu‚ Jalli
Flagge Nikola ‚LEGIJA“ Ninic
Flagge Chris ‚chrisJ‚ de Jong
Flagge Johannes ‚tabseN‚ Wodarz
Flagge André ‚nooky‚ Utesch