3DMAX rüstet für das neue Jahr und verpflichtet allu und stonde

01.01.2015 20:36

imageNoch nicht ganz einen Tag ist das neue Jahr alt, da beginnt sich das Transfer-Karussell bereits zu drehen. Wie man seitens 3DMAX auf der Homepage verkündete wird man mit zwei neuen Gesichtern in die kommende Spielzeit gehen. Der ehemalige mousesports Akteur Aleksi ‚allu‚ Jalli sowie Tom ‚stonde‚ Glad werden ab sofort für 3DMAX die Mäuse schwingen. Damit ersetzten sie Timo ‚REFLEX‚ Rintala und Mikko ‚xartE‚ Välimaa. 

Mentale Probleme innerhalb des Teams aufgrund der vergangenen Leistungen sind mit Gründe für diesen Wechsel.

Statement Joona ’natu‘ Leppänen:

We’ve all seen the later parts of 2014 were not a happy time in the 3DMAX camp, as it was clearly visible to many of you guys watching us play. We did not perform up to any standards disappointing ourselves but all our fans and followes alike. It was evident things needed to change and with the year changing, that time was fast approaching. We enter the new year with a fresh lineup that brings a versatile set of tools for us to use. We’ve taken a lot of thought into choosing these five players going forward. Counter-Strike nowadays needs a ton of skill, excellent communicating skills and ability to react to situations in a correct manner – collectively. These have been our main fundamentals when gathering up this lineup. Our goal is to finally bring Finland where it belongs on the Counter-Strike map. We are delighted to bring in both allu and stonde into our lineup. They both bring in qualities that any functioning team loves to have and I can’t wait to start working with the guys.

Statement Aleksi ‚allu‘ Jalli:

Time has come to me go back where I started. My journey with mousesports was a really good exprience and I think i grew alot as a person and a player these past months, but all has to come to an end. After me and my former teammates discussed about future we came to a common decission that its better if me and mouz go our seperate ways. I would like to thank my former teammates for the good times we had and mousesports as a organisation whos staff has been always very nice and professional. So im happy to announce that i will once again play in a finnish team. We are all really looking forward to play with eachother again and finally put finland back on the map. With the backing of 3DMAXX and our motivation this is the first time I truly believe it is possible after so long in the darkness.

Statement Tom ’stonde‘ Glad:

I want to thank my teammates and 3DMAX for giving this huge opportunity to me. It’s a great honour for me to get to play with these four awesome guys. I will do everything I can to help this team reach the goals we have. I think we have everything it takes to be a really successful team. Finland hasn’t produced a team in a long time that can battle out with the best teams out there, but we’ll work hard for making a change to that.

Lineup 3DMAX:
Flagge Taneli ‚disturbed‘ Veikkola
Flagge Jesse ‚KHRN‘ Grandell
Flagge Joona ’natu‘ Leppänen
Flagge Aleksi ‚allu‘ Jalli
Flagge Tom ’stonde‘ Glad

Jonas Bugaj