Die Vorbereitung auf die Challenger Series beginnt – Origen baut das Team neu auf

28.04.2017 11:30

imageNun ist es offiziell: Origen baut sein Team von Grund auf neu auf. Auch Midlaner Yoo ‚NaeHyun‘ Nae-hyun hat das Team verlassen. Darüber hinaus läuft der Vertrag von Head Coach Titus ‚LeDuck‘ Haffner am 30. April ab. Es bestehe keine Absicht, den Vertrag zu verlängern. In absehbarer Zeit wird Origen Tryouts veranstalten, um sich auf den kommenden Split der Challenger Series vorzubereiten. Darüber hinaus wurden umfangreiche Änderungen in den Bereichen des Mitarbeiterstabs und Kommunikation angekündigt.

Offizielles Statement Origen

Origen would like to announce that we are fulfilling our „Relegation clause” with players: Tabzz, Cinkrof and Naehyun and they are now officially declared „Free Agents”. We reserve our right to make them a Challenger Series offer in the near future. As for Satorius his contract has expired and he is no longer part of Origen. Lastly our Head Coach LeDuck’s contract expires next 30th of April with no intentions of renewal. Tryouts: We will soon open a „Tryout” period for our future Challenger Series team, there will be more information in our social networks. Press: We will set up a direct Communications Channel for press, so we are able to inform the media in an official and more efficient way. That channel will also work as the contact form for future interviews with players and staff. Staff: We are carrying out several changes in the structure of the company. Changes are being done from this very moment and will be carried out progressively until we reach the professional standards the company needs.

Fabian Krudewig