fnatic im Umbruch – MODDII und StingeR ersetzen Rytter und JOKERN

27.02.2013 18:11

imageBereits am heutigen Nachmittag, kamen die Gerüchte auf, dass fnatic zwei neue Spieler verpflichten wird. Nun ist bekannt gegeben worden, das Andreas ‚MODDII‘ Fridh und Lasse ’stingeR‘ Midtstue, aus dem ehemaligen Team Torqued, das Team verstärken werden. Das Team verlassen mussten Dennis ‚Rytter‘ Rytter und Magnus ‚JOKERN‘ Barthel. MODDII war bereits zu Counter-Strike 1.6 Zeiten Teil von fnatic und bestritt mit ihnen auch ihren ersten Auftritt in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, auf der DreamHack Winter 2012. Nach zuletzt nur dem vierten Platz auf der HKLAN und dem sechsten Platz der Gaming.dk League, will man nun an alte Erfolge anknüpfen.


Statement Patrik ‚cArn‘ Sattermon

After reviewing our development in Counter-Strike GO, we have come to the conclusion that new blood is needed in order for us to reignite our motivation and optimism. This is what we feel, we so urgently need to get back on the field as a contender for the medals. It is always painful to go through player changes, and today’s are not any different. We are respectfully bidding farewell to Dennis ‚Rytter‘ Christensen and Magnus ‚JOKERN‘ Barthel, who both joined our ranks officially in early January 2013. Even when we have seen moments of brilliance from the current constellation, the team feel that they do not see any progress in reaching consistency and confidence as a team. Both of these characteristics have always been the main traits of our Counter-Strike division. We believe our two new additions, Moddii and stringeR, will be the vitamin injection we need to get back our former glory. I’m personally very excited to welcome Andreas back to our ranks – you have surely been missed! At the same time, I’m confident that Lasse ’stingeR‘ Midtstue will be a deadly asset for our squad. Finally I would like to thank Rytter and JOKERN for their time in Fnatic, and wish them the best in the future. Game on!

Statement Andreas ‚Moddii‘ Fridh

As you all can see I’m back in the black and orange again. I couldn’t be any happier, my goal has always been to play on the top level and compete with the top teams. Now that I’ve joined Fnatic again, I have the possibility to do just that and it feels really good. Our goals are of course to bring ourselves to the very top of the CS:GO scene and with hard work and a lot of fun, I know we will make it. I brought stingeR with me from Torqued, who I have been playing for since I departed Fnatic and he is just an awesome player and a great guy that will fit into this organisation just perfectly. I’m really confident in this team and I do believe we are going to a top contender against NiP. And last but not least I want to thank Fnatic for giving me the opportunity to again play for the best organization out there and play among my good friends Michael (Friis), Martin (Trace) and of course Xyp9x and stingeR.

Lineup fnatic

Flagge Michael ‚Friis‘ Jørgensen
Flagge Martin ‚trace‘ Heldt
Flagge Andreas ‚Xyp9x‘ Hojsleth
Flagge Andreas ‚MODDII‘ Fridh 
Flagge Lasse ’stingeR‘ Midtstue


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