myXMG und Lineup gehen getrennte Wege – Kirby nun bei UX Gaming

03.07.2015 16:55

imageNach nicht erwünschten Leistungen bei der ESL ESEA Proleague und der ESL Sommermeisterschaft geht die Organisation myXMG und deren Lineup fortan getrennte Wege. Die Verträge der Spieler werden nun aufgelöst. Seitens der fünf Spieler hat nun bereits ein Profi ein neues Team gefunden. André ‚Kirby‘ Kempa wird nun für UX Gaming spielen, da Stefan ’stfN‘ Seier für zwei Phasen der Saison gesperrt ist. So wird Kirby dem Team beim fünften Cup der ESL Sommermeisterschaft behilflich sein und ihnen auf dem Weg zur Gruppenphase helfen. Was mit den restlichen Spielern des ehemaligen Lineups von myXMG passiert, ist bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch nicht bekannt.

Statement André ‚Kirby‘ Kempa

With this statement, I say goodbye to myXMG and my team. Preliminary first big thank you to myXMG who are behaving highly professional and with whom I was very pleased. Within the team, there were unfortunately different views which came clear only after a few weeks. We had several talks and discussions and have tried a few times to solve them but unfortunately without success. From individual skill and from the human standpoint there were no problems, however if you do not come to a common sensus for weeks it cannot go further. 

Those that followed our games, know that a) potential was available and b) the games were almost always nearly lost. The games were often lost through these different views. There is no „right“ or „wrong“ before people think that I am leaving the team because I think my view is the right one. Both views have their place and I also understand the other side fully. We’ve seen that this team can work together last season. I think without me they will do better because my view of the game was kind of a disruptive factor.

For this reason I won’t play the 5th Cup of EPS under myXMG because I think they have higher chances without me. I wish them all the best. Depsite this short time they have become very close friends of mine. A long term future is currently unclear. On a stand-in basis I am going to play the rest of the EPS Season with UX-Gaming, as stfN will not longer be eligible to play for this season. After that I am going to reach out in free-agency and will search for options. 

Last but not least I will say thank you for this great time I had with these guys and especially to all the people who were behind me / Us / myXMG!

Ehemaliges myXMG-Lineup

Flagge Yannik ’neviZ‘ Baumhöfner
Flagge Oliver ‚get‘ Meyer
Flagge Pascal ’nky‘ Maass
Flagge André ‚Kirby‘ Kempa
Flagge Jens ’shirox‘ Wietow