schneider nimmt Abschied von Team Dignitas

20.10.2015 14:47

imageNach dem mehr als schwachen Abscheiden von Team Dignitas in ihren letzten Begegnungen haben sich Andreas ’schneider‘ Lindberg und Team Dignitas dazu entschlossen in der Zukunft getrennte Wege zu gehen. Für den Platz von ’schneider‘ freigemachten Platz im Team Dignitas Line-Up ist aber bereits ein heißer Name im Umlauf, welcher aber noch nicht bestätigt wurde.

Der einzige Schwede im dänischen Line-Up von Team Dignitas verlässt das sinkende Schiff, als einer der Gründe nennt er die Schwierigkeiten in Sachen Kommunikation zwischen den beiden Nationalitäten aber auch ein Todesfall in der Familie hat ihn ein wenig aus der Bahn geworfen somit konnte er nicht mehr 100-Prozent bringen. 

Die Kollegen von Handeln den youngster Kristian ‚k0nfig‘ Wienecke, welcher erst gestern SK Gaming verlassen hat, als einen der heissen Kandidaten für die frei gewordene Stelle im Line-Up von Team Dignitas.

Statement von Andreas ’schneider‘ Lindberg:

It is with both sadness and a bit of happiness of doing the right thing I have to say that I am leaving Team Dignitas, and this is why.

In this month we have had pretty good results, but the communication has not been what it was expected to be at this point. We talked a lot in the beginning of me transitioning into the Danish language but it was just too hard and during rounds sometimes we didn’t understand each other at all. That obviously does not work in the long run in a game like CS where it’s sometimes about seconds that change the outcome of a game. This led to many mistakes during games, frustration, and a feeling that something is missing in our game. I really enjoyed playing with these guys, and I see their potential, but it is not with ME speaking a mix of Swedish/English that they can become a top 3 team in the world. Even though everyone probably knows we were playing GOOD, we beat everyone we were supposed to be able to beat right of the bat on a consistent level, there was no way our communication could bring us the the very top. And me as a person I do not like wasting my own time or wasting time of people I cherish and wish the best. I am not in it for the money so I just didn’t see the point in possibly stopping my friends from reaching top 8 and securing their success.

I am also very sad because my grandmother died just a few days ago, it obviously removes focus from me and I don’t feel like holding this group of talented individuals back. Even though I am not playing in this major I wish them all the best and I know they can reach top 5-8, maybe even further.

Verbleibendes Team Dignitas Line-Up:
Flagge Markus ‚Kjaerbye‘ Kjaerbye
Flagge Mathias ‚MSL‘ Lauridsen
Flagge Philip ‚aizy‘ Airstrup
Flagge Jacob ‚Pimp‘ Winneche