SK Gaming meldet sich mit neuem Lineup zurück

08.01.2016 16:25

imageNachdem man bei SK Gaming im Dezember letzten Jahres mit den beiden Koreanern Sun-ho ‚SuNo‘ Ahn und Kyeong-tak ‚Dokgo‘ Kim die ersten beiden Spieler des neuen League of Legends Lineup verkündete (wir berichteten), war es lange still geworden um die deutsche Organisation. Doch gestern war es endlich soweit, SK Gaming gab das komplette Lineup für die neue Saison bekannt. Das Ziel ist klar benannt, man will zurück in die LCS und damit in die höchste Spielklasse Europas.

Helfen sollen bei diesem Schritt unter anderem zwei ehemalige LCS-Spieler. So sollen auf der Botlane der ehemalige Unicorns of Love AD Carry Pontus ‚Vardags‘ Dahlblom sowie der ehemalige Copenhagen Wolves Supporter Petar ‚Unlimited‘ Georgiev das neue Dream-Team bilden. Auf der Toplane gesellt sich der Holländer Bram ‚Morsu‘ Knol dazu, der in der Challenger Series schon die ein oder andere Erfahrung sammeln konnte.

Statement Bram ‚Morsu‘ Knol:

I’ve been playing professional League of Legends for three years now. I started off at LowLandLions playing small Benelux tournaments. After that I moved to ‚Team Coast Gold‘ where I played my first Challenger Series split. The real ’success‘ came after rejoining LowLandLions with a full dutch line-up. The team later signed with Copenhagen Wolves and after failing to qualify for the LCS, disbanded. I then played a disappointing split for Ex Nihilo and I can’t wait to go back to my LowLandLions form, or even better.I hope to have an amazing time playing for SK Gaming and I want to thank all my fans and our sponsors for the support.

Statement Pontus ‚Vardags‘ Dahlblom:

I found the SK organization very friendly and I also liked the roster that they provided, that’s why I chose to sign with them for the upcoming season. I expect that we will do good as a team under SK with some good practice and infrastructure to help us out in the beginning. A big thank you to all the fans for supporting me during my journey and I hope to get your continued support!

Statement Petar ‚Unlimited‘ Georgiev:

The team roster looks extremely promising and I always wanted to play with Korean players in my team. I like the Korean culture, food and movies, it was time to get Korean teammates. I believe we will do extremely well, we have not had the chance to play as a team yet but everyone seems highly motivated. Returning home and playing from my own computer in Greece was always kind of a drag because of the downgrade in hardware and equipment I used to experience. Now after playing from the SK Gaming facilities I don’t want to play from home at all. Thanks to Medion, Intel, ASRock, IN WIN and HyperX maybe I won’t see my family again but I can enjoy gaming in comfort!And to all the fans – thank you for following me, this year I have been reborn so expect my memes to be more dank and my plays to be sharper than ever before.

Komplettes Lineup von SK Gaming:
Flagge Toplane – Bram ‚Morsu‘ Knol
Flagge Jungle – Kyeong-tak ‚Dokgo‘ Kim
Flagge Midlane – Sun-ho ‚SuNo‘ Ahn
Flagge AD Carry – Pontus ‚Vardags‘ Dahlblom
Flagge Support – Petar ‚Unlimited‘ Georgiev

Jonas Bugaj