Team Kinguin wechselt zu Gamers2

11.09.2015 13:00

imageBereits vor einigen Wochen gab es Gerüchte, die besagten, dass Team Kinguin nicht mehr lange an seinem CS:GO-Team festhalten würde. Diese Gerüchte wurden heute teilweise bestätigt, denn das Lineup rund um Adil ‚ScreaM‘ Benrlitom wechselt mit sofortiger Wirkung zur spanischen Organisation Gamers2.

Ein Ende der Zusammenarbeit mit Kinguin, einem der weltweit führenden Handelsplätze für Game-Keys, bedeutet dieser Schritt aber nicht. Zusammen mit der Vorstellung des neuen CS:GO-Teams, gab die Organisation bekannt, dass Kinguin der neue Titelsponsor von G2 ist. Im Rahmen dieses Deals, so Gründer und CEO Carlos ‚ocelote‘ Rodríguez Santiago, wolle man die Marke G2 in den kommenden Monaten grundlegend verändern und dabei auf das Feedback der Fans eingehen.

Statement Carlos ‚ocelote‘ Rodríguez Santiago, Gründer und CEO von G2

All our fans have been demanding a world-class Counter-Strike:GO team for some months already. Worry not, today is the day! We are honored to welcome Team Kinguin as our CS:GO team! They will be joining our amazing HotS squad and our LoL team, which, by the way, qualified for LCS last weekend. On top of these wonderful news, we will rebrand G2 using the suggestions our fans made, as you can see here. This team has earned the respect of many in the industry by fighting against language barriers and previous misconceptions from the Counter Strike community. Counter Strike is about 15 years old now, and the vast majority of successful teams that have come and gone have been all from the same nation or communicated in the same language. These guys seem to have challenged these habits. This will hopefully start a trend, and more international World Class teams will rise.

Statement von G2 Manager Jamie ‚z1n0‘ Bach

Today marks a huge milestone in G2’s history. Like us, Kinguin has only been around since 2013, but they have taken the market by storm and done so by providing an amazing platform with a huge emphasis on customer care and support. And like us, they are dedicated to lifting the esports industry to a new standard and leaving a legacy for others to follow. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and we look forward to a very bright future together.

Statement von Kinguin Gründer und CEO Viktor Wanli

We love the transition of Team Kinguin into G2 Kinguin. Carlos, Jamie and the whole Gamers2 management are great professionals and wonderful people. We are excited to work together and bring this team up to its potential. Kinguin will continue to provide the team’s fans and the whole Counter-Strike community with the best possible treatment. Make sure to tune in on G2’s website and social media platforms as often as possible for giveaways, contests and player merchandise.

Lineup G2.Kinguin

Flagge Mikail ‚Maikelele‘ Bill
Flagge Havard ‚rain‘ Nygaard
Flagge Adil ‚ScreaM‘ Benrlitom
Flagge Ricardo ‚fox‘ Pacheco
Flagge Dennis ‚dennis‘ Edman
Flagge Nikola ‚LEGIJA‘ Nini? (Coach)

Michael Decker