Team Preparation verpflichtet Cadians Team

18.02.2016 18:59

imageDas Team Preparation, vor allem im Spiel Hearthstone bekannt, hat sich entschlossen ihrer Organisation ein CS:GO-Team hinzuzufügen. Die dänische Organisation, welche erst im September 2015 gegründet wurde, verpflichtet das Team von Casper ‚cadiaN‘ Moller, fan fävla. Das erste Event, an dem das Team teilnehmen wird, ist das Nordic Masters, dass dieses Wochenende separat zur ESL Expo Barcelona stattfindet.

Hampus ‚Shaabi‘ Johansson Team Preparation Manager: 

Welcome Cadian, kHRYSTAL, wenton, glace, LOMME!
This is a line up which we believe in, we believe that they have nothing but success ahead of them and together with us we hope to be able to provide them with the tools to do so! 
We feel this is the right move for us going forward, CS:GO is a game we really want to be involved with and we’re definitely sure about that this is the right roster to do so with. We’re going into this with our heads first and we’re giving it everything we’ve got! You can expect to see more coming from Team Preparation!
We’re very happy to announce that we’ve decided to pick up a new and upcoming team with experienced players! We felt that it was the right step for us to make to get to the next step. This roster is one that we truly believe in and we hope to see them succed in every way they can. Together with this line up we will keep growing together, as an organization and as a team in a whole. Things can only get better from here on so we hope you give a warm welcome to former Fan Jävla!

Team Preparation

Flagge Casper ‚cadiaN‘ Møller
Flagge Nicolai ‚glace‘ Jensen
Flagge Frej ‚kHRYSTAL‘ Sjöström
Flagge John ‚wenton-‚ Eriksson
Flagge Frederik ‚LOMME‘ Nielsen